Next.js 14 (using app router) snippets and examples

Next.js 14 Logo

Next.js is a powerful server side framework built on the React framework that offers numerous benefits for building modern web applications.

Start with the basics to understand the fundamentals of the app directory structure, including page, layout, loading, and error components.

Explore the powerful routing features, such as nested routes, dynamic segments, and catch-all routes.

Dive into server components and client components to optimize performance and interactivity.

Utilize the new data fetching APIs, like async/await in Server Components, to efficiently fetch and manage data from various data sources like API endpoints, Supabase, Postgres, Typesense, Elasticsearch and MongoDB.

Secure private data using Next-Auth and create user login screens using magic-link signed-in emails.

Work with real-time data updates using sockets and CouchDB with PouchDB.

Dive into advanced topics like viewport rendering, pagination and using for workflow management.

With focus and hands-on examples, you can swiftly master Next.js 14 and the App Router.

Go to the official Next.js site.

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